Being Mary Jane Has Been Super Underwhelming This Season

So I watched Being Mary Jane’s finale (midseason finale?) that came on Tuesday night and I have some thoughts.  First, I was surprised it was time for a finale episode since the season hasn’t really been going anywhere.  Second, this season overall has been underwhelming, especially after the heavy lifting they pulled off last season […]

That This Is Us Finale Was So Anticlimactic

Attention: Spoilers Below. I mean whet?  Let me say that I LOVE this show.  It just warms my cold little heart.  Nearly every episode has had me in tears, especially the episode when William and Randal went to Memphis, whew buddy that one was a doozy.  So when they hyped us up all week with […]

Things I’m Obsessed with This Month

New Edition/Bobby Brown Ever since I watched the mini-series on BET last week (and yes I know I’m so late), I have been hooked on anything to do with New Edition.  Like, I knew some of their songs before, the big ones like Candy Girl, If it Isn’t Love, Can You Stand The Rain, you […]


These crazy plot twists just aren’t even that cool anymore.  All I have is questions!  Ah! Who’s hand did Quinn and Huck find in the woods if ole girl is still alive? Who is that lady who is basically punking Eli?  Why/How can he be punked by her when he’s previously been invincible? Why didn’t […]

American Horror Story Roanoke Was a Mess

Generally I stick with shows that I like even after they’ve gone downhill.  I’m not saying that AHS has gone downhill, but usually when people complain about shows like this one I get a little annoyed.  Every season there are comments about AHS.  People will say Murder House was the best or Asylum and that […]

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 Reunion

Last Thursday was the reunion for the 2nd installment of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars.  Pow!  So everyone showed up (even Adore Delano) except Phi Phi O’Hara.  It’s a little bittersweet.  I didn’t keep up with the recaps but as evidenced by some of the early posts, I was rooting for her and thought she’d grown […]

A Seat at the Table is an Album After My Own Heart

As a Solange fan who’d been wondering what she’s been doing besides taking gorgeous photos in the countryside, I was not disappointed at all with the work she has thrust upon us.  It has been four weeks since she released her album and I am still enjoying it.  It’s just so groovy and her voice […]

Welp! Empire is back with a Bang!

The first few minutes of the show, we just jump right into it and we find out who pushed who from the top of that hotel.  Was it Rhonda or Anika??  LISTEN, there are spoilers below so I urge you to get outta here if you don’t want to see them.         […]

The Evil Queen from OUAT stayed SO BEAT!

In honor of Once Upon a Time returning on September 25th, I have the Mister watching it from season 1.  He never really watched with me and he is really getting into it.  I’ve been watching some of them with him.  I am noticing things I guess I’d forgotten, like how early most of the […]

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