An Actual Wash N Go Routine (No, For real)

I have been natural for about 2.6 years now and I am usually on the look out for different hairstyle, hair products, etc to make my hair cute and my life easy.  When I tell you I’m kind of lazy…

So when I started going natural, I mainly kept my hair in buns or twist outs or braid outs because I was working in an office environment and I felt the twist outs were edgy enough for me.  But now that I am a student and don’t have to show up to the office everyday at all, I am much more comfortable just wearing my hair in a wash in go, curly/frizzy ‘fro.  So when I initially looked to YouTube for a tutorial, really I was looking for product usage because “wash n go” is self-explanatory right?  I came up with many a video where women were washing their hair, adding 52,084 products to it, halfway blow drying, adding more product stretching it out with rubber bands and blah, blah, blah.  So then 3 hours later they were ready!

I must say they all looked fab, but for real?  Ain’t nobody got time to be spending three hours on something that is self explanatory.  Wash and then Go, amirite?  So I abandoned that idea for quite some time because it was just too much.  Then, by accident I recently started stumbling into my own wash n go routine and it’s truly simple.  Just like anyone else in the world:

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Detangle you hair
  3. Leave the premises (Go)
TA DA!!!!
So the way I stumbled on this was that I started to use some of the Kinky Curly products.  This links to the website, but you can buy this most places, I usually go to Target.  I mainly wanted the curling custard but according to all my YouTube naturals that I watch, I needed the shampoo (Get Clean), the detangle (Knot Today) and the curling custard to make it work.  The reason is that the Kinky Curly products don’t play well with other.  Other products turn white in your hair if you try to use them with the KC stuff.  Well played, Kinky Curly people!
But, alas, the curling custard takes a long time because you have to do small chunks of hair (otherwise you end up with a sticky fro) and it has to be soaking (so you have to constantly spray) and you have to do the detangler first on each chunk of hair.  Being the lazy bones that I am, I realized, that hey, my hair looks pretty good with just the detangler in it.  So, there it is folks, I do the curling custard when I’m up to the task, but my day to day look has been like this:
So there you have it, it’s easy and doesn’t take long because you can detangle in big chunks and it looks pretty cute.  What say you?  Any other easy Wash n Go routines out there?  Holla.

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