Going Back to College at the Ripe Old Age of 30

So, I’m sitting here, smack dab in the middle of my summer vacations.  I’ve spent my last several weeks in the throes of potty training my little guy and thinking that I’m really looking forward to school and then recalling that I did struggle a bit with starting school *ahem* slightly older than the other students.  Okay, fine, I was technically 29 at the time.  BUT I turned 30 a few weeks later.  I was all like:

Anywho, so a little background on me for the uninitiated (which is pretty much everyone because I’ve never written any of this on here):  I was born in Wisconsin, raised in California, joined the military, got out, worked on a military base and basically had a military-esque career for 10 years (including the military time).  During that military-esque time, I got my bachelors degree online with a focus on Anthropology.  It was awesome, the graduation was held in a castle and all of that.  Anyway, I got it because having one would help me get a raise in my career and while I find Anthropology extremely interesting, it’s not something that I would want to pursue as a career; it was just the most interesting degree that I saw at the time.  

But me?  I’ve pretty much wanted to be a French teacher since high school.  I loved learning it and I took the classes for two years.  Fast forward to my time in the military when I started taking classes at the local university where I was stationed.  First of all, I felt old then which now seems ridiculous because A) I was only 21 and B) I WAS ONLY 21!  But I was in the military, had to be a real grownup and had been married for two years by that point, so I was a bit different.  I actually loved going to school and even went on a month-long study abroad trip to Dakar, Senegal to study French.  But shortly thereafter I got orders and after that point I was relegated to online college status due to scheduling, etc.  So, while it was a huge honor to receive my BS in Anthropology, it was not what I wanted to do deep down.  So we wound up moving back home to CA late last year and I applied to be an undergrad at Chapman University with a French major and here we are!  Whew!  Finally doing what I want.
But this isn’t all fun and games, I have to say that I struggled quite a bit.  I didn’t struggle with the work because duh, but I do think that I had a bit of an identity crisis going on for most of the semester.  Going from having a career to being one of many students was a little hard to swallow sometimes and mainly because some professors are extremely patronizing and I’m old enough to recognize that shit and also because I was surrounded by rich kids who don’t appreciate a damn thing so it was a little tough, but I have to say that I love it!  It is hard to relate to a lot of people as I don’t know how many (if any) students have kids, but I feel so old when people tell me they were born in 1996, etc.  
The campus is gorgeous, the class sizes are small, I even met a few student friends, so all is good.  I also love sitting in the library.  It’s huge and I do a lot better on getting my work done there.  Plus after this full summer of potty training and (super fun) toddler activities, I am looking forward to going back for the fall semester and learning a thing or two.
Honestly even though I still sometimes struggle with my past and my present, it is definitely worth it now and will be even more worth it when I graduate and start my career.  Did I mention I’m minoring in Italian too?  I feel crazy, but I like learning it so it shall be good I think.  How bout about anyone else?  Anyone else go back to school later, or start school later?  

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