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This one, y’all, is such a good show.  Many people think it’s too unrealistic or whatnot, but that’s what Shondaland shows are all about!  I love Annalise Keating and I hate her at the same time.  Everything  she does seemingly is completely selfish.  So we left off at the end of the first season having found out that Sam asked Frank to kill Lila.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should probably watch the first season.  This isn’t one of those shows you just jump into.  Anywho, Frank killed Lila, Wes killed Sam and someone killed Rebecca.  But WHO?????

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Only Frank and Annalise (and the killer) know that Rebecca is dead.  Things have returned to normal, well as normal as possible.  Annalise is teaching classes, the students are still working for her and some are still worried that Rebecca will go to the cops since they tied her up in Annalise’s basement.  Wes is upset and wondering where she went.  Frank thinks Wes killed Rebecca, but it turns out he didn’t.

The killer is….Bonnie!  I couldn’t believe it either but in general Bonnie seems like sort of a horrible person.  She felt like Rebecca always played the victim for all the bad things in her life and didn’t believe that Rebecca didn’t kill Lila.  She was dead wrong on that one, so it will be interesting to see what happens to her next week.

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 Nate Leahy’s trial is also a main plot this episode.  Annalise gave him a number to call for a good attorney.  The attorney turns out to be a woman played by the fabulous Famke Janssen.  She is a prominent death row attorney but turns the case down when she finds out that Annalise framed him for the murder.

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But then she takes the case after she and Annalise have a love scene because they were a couple back in law school.

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Annalise also picks up the case of two adopted children of an uber rich couple who are on trial for the murder of their parents.   The live in a huge mansion, their aunt testifies against them and Annalise sets up their defense attorney with a doctored surveillance tape in order to convince them to employ her.  The aunt winds up dead and we are set up to think that the brother killed her.

Michaela is texting this Eggs 911 person that Rebecca was trying to get in touch with on the season finale.  The person texts back, but she doesn’t see it because Annalise has taken everyone out to a club to drink and party.

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Alas, we come to the ending.  The words “Two Months Later” pop up on the screen and we are looking at the mansion again.  Someone is running on the grounds, we see close up that it’s Wes.  We hear a gunshot.  Then we cut to a shot inside the house.  There’s blood spatter on the family portrait.  The camera pans down and we see Annalise on the floor with a gunshot wound to the abdomen, struggling to breathe.  So the plot thickens.  Now we need to know how everything gets to that point. Will Annalise die?  They definitely know how to hook us in to keep watching. Stay tuned for my next review!

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