Review: The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne

Wow.  What a life.  I had heard of this jewel thief Doris Payne in the news before and recently when I noticed there was a documentary entitled The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne that had been posted on Netflix, I immediately added it to My List.  I just got around to watching it today and boy did this blow my mind.  That this woman, a black woman, has had such a successful (is that the right word?) career as an international jewel thief over the past 60 plus years is definitely remarkable.
So the film is essentially about her career as a jewel thief, which is something she doesn’t deny.  What she does, deny is that the current case she is involved in.  In this case, there is video surveillance of a woman stealing a diamond ring from a Macy’s in San Diego.  Payne vehemently denies that it was her who did this and because she is so forthcoming on information of her past heists, I am won’t to believe her.  I will let you watch for yourself to see whether she did it or not.
Throughout the documentary, she never expresses any remorse for any of her crimes.  She regales the audience with tales of heists and escapes from trains, hospitals and jails.  She also tells of how she started as a jewel thief.  Doris Payne is charming, like a sweet grandmother and it is this that helps her to set salespersons at ease.
The screenwriter for a film about Doris’ life appears quite a bit in the documentary offering details about the crimes not given by Doris herself, including the method by which Doris would steal the jewelry.  
This is such an interesting watch, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy and interesting documentary to watch.  Of course after watching, I had to google Ms. Payne to see what she’s up to, if she’s still hanging in there, etc.  And what do I find?  Girlfriend is STILL STEALING jewelry.  
Unfortunately for her, her age and technology are not on her side.  I am of the thought that it was easier to get away with many crimes, document forgeries, lying on your resume, etc. before there were computers because there was no quick and easy way to verify anything.  As for Ms. Payne, she needs to stop before she winds up rotting in jail.  
But alas, she likely will not because it is likely an addiction at this point and even in the face of prison, she laughs. 
So go on over to Netflix and watch mmkay?

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