Am I The Only One Who Loves A Diva’s Christmas Carol???


I am watching it for the third time so far this year which means the third time in about the last week.  I remember loving this movie when it came out in 2000.  It stars Vanessa L. Williams as Ebony Scrooge, a pop star diva, who is visited by three spirits.  It is basically what the title entails.  It is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol but with a stingy, mean, butthole of a famous singer.  In this version, Bob Cratchit is Ebony’s manager and his son Tim is anemic.  Ebony is forcing all of her crew to play a charity concert on Christmas, canceling any plans they had to visit family for the holiday.  The Marley character, played by Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is a former singing group mate and friend of Ebony’s.  Here is the trailer:

I love the song Heartquake too.  It’s such a cheesy 80’s song.  I really enjoy the different hairstyles we see on Ms. Williams throughout the film.  We also get to see Kathy Griffin as the Ghost of Christmas Past and she is pretty funny.  Just for you, here is a video of Heartquake:

So my question is, who else watches this???  I know it can’t just be me.  It’s such an entertaining movie and perfect for me because I love watching off-brand Hallmark Channel type Christmas movies.  Will you be watching this year?

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