I Went to The Real

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What an experience! It was so fun and so different from our Dancing with the Stars visit.  This time I went with my road dog, Janae again.  We had really been hoping to get tickets because I’d requested them weeks ago knowing that we were both going to be off work the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  When the email announced that we got tickets, we were so excited!

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The first thing we decided was that we would go super early, like two hours, early!  Due to our experience with going one hour before check in time at DWTS, we wanted to make sure we were guaranteed a seat!  The check in time for our taping of The Real was 8:00 A.M.  Some wanted to try to be there by 6:00.

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So we had to leave the house by 5:00.

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The next thing we wanted to make sure to do was to bring food!  No more $15 sandwiches that we couldn’t buy because we only brought $10 in cash and thought surely they would take cards or surely $10 was enough for a sandwich. NOPE!  It wasn’t, but I digress.  We wanted to bring food.

So we got up before the buttcrack of dawn and got on the road around 5:22.  This particular show tapes in one of the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank and that’s about an hour drive for us without traffic.  We stopped at Starbucks for breakfast sammies and caffeinated beverages and got into the parking lot around 6:37 am (the times are completely arbitrary).  We are excited, we’re walking quickly, it’s freezing and I totally didn’t check the weather because if I did, I would not have worn a flippin summer dress.  We get on the elevator to go to the check-in, fully expecting a huge line of people waiting.  The elevator door opens….AND….

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There was exactly ONE person there.  So we were in the front of the line.  It was fine though because we used that time to plan out our Thanksgiving menu and what not.  At least at The Real we could keep our phones so it wasn’t as long and strenuous a wait.  By the way, I don’t want this to sound like I’m bashing DWTS.  That show is still Bae.  Just saying, this was a little more pleasant, mainly because we were actually prepared.

When the crew came to check us in, they turned on loud music, had us sign releases and it was quite a long walk to the studio.  Luckily they told us before hand to bring comfy shoes for walking.  Because it’s so far into the studio lot, we were walking by parking spaces reserved for the casts of different shows, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, 2 Broke Girls and the cast trailers.  Unfortunately there were no celebrity sightings that morning but it did make me want to go back for a Studio Tour.

The studio is super nice, looks just like it does on TV.  The audience warm up guy Jay Flats was hilarious, he loosened us right up.  They played great music before the show and during breaks. The cast seemed really nice and it was basically a dance party the whole time.  Such a great and fun experience.  The episode we saw was filmed last Tuesday and aired yesterday.  Cyber Monday and Holiday Travel were the topics. The special guest judge was Trina Braxton and they interviewed Loretta Devine.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go.  The tickets are free, so why not?

Here are several photos:

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