Late Review: The Fall Finale of Once Upon A Time…Welcome Back Rumplestiltskin!

Once 2

I’m so late on this one.  Yeah Welp!  I watched the Fall Finale of Once Upon a Time.  Wrote a blog post about it.  Like to read it?  Here it is…

Gah!  That scene with Emma and Killian had me like:

crying oprah 1
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crying oprah 2 (via reddit)
crying oprah 3

I’m really hoping they find some kind of crazy way to bring him back.  Captain Hook was bae.  Look at this throwback.  Gorge!

captain hook throwback(via tumblr)

Oh!  There it is, Emma shall travel to the Underworld to rescue him and give him half of her heart.  Sounds like someone sharing a bologna sandwich.

Okay, the other shock was that Rumplestiltskin is back to being our resident bad boy.  Someone had to do it since Emma wasn’t really that dark of a dark one and frankly, I don’t like seeing Rumple as a coward.  I’d rather see him in his natural habitat, as a terrible, horrible, ugly little person.  That being said, I think he and Belle should still be together even if he is bad.  Is that weird?

Either way, I am eager to see what happens when the show comes back in MARCH (seriously?!?!?!!  I JUST learned this).  Sheesh, I guess we have a few months to go.  Spoilers are already predicted Emma will meet Neal in the Underworld when she goes to get Killian.  So I guess we shall see…

Short one this time…Until I see you again.  Peace!

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