What the Actual Eff Empire???

First, excuse me for the sporadic TV show posts.  I have all kinds of school crap to take care of, so I write when something really hits me and this last Empire episode slapped me right in the face!

Spoiler alert.  Do not continue reading if you have not seen the episode.  No…forreal…

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Ooooooooookay.  So.  Allons-y!

Aahhhhhh, how are they gonna leave us with that winter finale!  It was so crazy!!  First of all…Who pushed Rhonda???????

Secondo me, it was Boo Boo Kitty.  She seemed like she was coming unhinged and quite possibly jealous after all of that talk of Lucious’ generosity toward Rhonda and Andre’s baby to be.  I do think they should have or should better develop Anika’s descent into craziness a bit more before she does something drastic.  Maybe someone else pushed her and its not too late.  But I still think it was Anika.  I don’t love the Rhonda character but damn G.  That was horrible.

Moving on, Lucious has been pushed out of Empire.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out especially after his breakdown and his obvious contempt at being up agains Jamal for Song of the Year.    The fact that Camilla will now be running Empire is so crazy and outside the realm of reality for even this show, but I kind of love it.  I hope Hakeem doesn’t get back with her though.  I like him with … She seems to make him want to be a good person.

Also, the whole Skye Summers storyline just seemed thrown in there!  I loved the song she performed with Jamal, but the whole girlfriend thing was unnecessary.

Hmmm…quoi d’autre??  I don’t know.  What did you think of the episode?

Until next time, Ciao!

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