Am I a Belieber???

All signs point to No.  However, Justin Bieber’s recent sting of music has had me thinking about it.  I mean, when he first came out, I thought he was a girl with okay pop music, but the newer offerings are much better.  He’s released a few bangers in the last few months:


I actually hadn’t heard this one until Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson performed to it on Dancing with the Stars.  I liked it then, but forgot about it until it came on the radio.  It’s a jam, for sure.

This song will always remind me of the parody video some bonafide genius created after Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe flub, but it is also a pretty good jam and one I have asked Siri to play a time or two.  Also, here’s the link to that one too.  Ha!

This last one isn’t even his song, but he’s featured and it might as well be.  This song is amazing and I’ve asked Siri to play this one many times.  It also reminds me of my favorite dubstep song from that time a few years ago when I listened to dubstep:


Anywho, am I the only one who thought I was a Belieber for like 3.7 seconds there?

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