Freddie, Whitley, and Jaleesa: Naturalista GIF Party!

Just because.  Pow!

Before I went natural, I always assumed anyone with curly hair had “good hair” or were bi- or multiracial because duh, black women don’t just have curly hair.  How wrong was that?  These last three years or so I’ve started to recognize naturalistas in places that I wouldn’t have otherwise placed them.  How about Freddie, Whitley, and Jaleesa from A Different World??  Freddie stayed with a cute twistout/braidout, Whitley showcased her natural curls, and Jaleesa rocked her TWA.

So in honor of me being super late to the party, here’s a GIF party!  Yeah!

freddie_whitley freddie 3 freddie2 whitley5 freddie1 whitley2 tumblr whitley 3 tumblr whitley 4 tumblr freddie_jaleesa jaleesa1

via onehellofascene tumblr
via onehellofascene tumblr


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