Rupaul is THE Artist to Listen to While Running

When you’re out clocking those miles, you need some music that is upbeat, will keep you going when you feel like your legs are gonna fall clean off henny.  My music of choice comes from these three Rupaul albums: Champion, Glamazon, and Born Naked.  Basically I just put those three albums on shuffle and get going.  There are very few slow songs so you won’t get bogged down trying to change the music.  Honestly I love all of it and only change songs when the rare slow song comes on.I have to be honest, I haven’t even heard the new album Realness but I’m sure I’ll buy it if the music is playing constantly on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8.  This is how I wound up wanting the others.  Sorry Ru!

via your cats psychiatrist tumblr
via your cats psychiatrist tumblr

Lately I’ve been running longer distances training for a 10k!  Longest runs I’ve ever done and so far the longest has been 5 miles.  It’s really quite remarkable since I’ve been using asthma as my excuse not to run for the past several years. I’ve never been a huge fan of running, but I kind of like it now and it helps that my sister-in-law runs with me and we have about the same pace.  I have tried a few different playlists, but this Rupaul mix is the only one that really keeps me going.  Rather than continuing to blather on, I shall talk about some of my favorites and most motivational songs that come on while I’m out there.  Be warned – there are men twerking in some of these videos so if you’re not okay with that, don’t watch the videos!

via uproxx tumblr
via uproxx tumblr

Freaky Money

This song is on the list almost exclusively for the break in the middle in which Valerie Valentine says “And now please pause and put your hands together for the complex talents of whoever ignant ass is supposed to get up here.  Do we have somebody?  Charles, can we get some lights up in here?  You hold your head high you dizzy bitch, you got paid!”  That last line is something I say to myself at least 50 million times while running because it’s hilarious and because it feels better to run with my head high than all slumped over like I’m gonna die.  It’s really  just good running advice.  Also Big Freedia (The Queen Diva) is on this one and I love that.

Sissy That Walk

Because, girl you betta werk!  It’s a fun song to run to and just a good song in general.  Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly oh oh, oh oh! Pow!


There’s a part on this one that says “Now make yo booty bounce”  and since the booty is naturally just bouncing during the jog, this amuses me quite a lot and makes me forget that I am in pain for just those few seconds.

Peanut Butter

Another one with the Queen Diva and so upbeat.  It’s starts off with Rupaul saying “Oh yes honey.  Due to the fact that her thighs spread just like…” and from there it gets more crazy and more fun.


This is a motivational one here.  The hook goes “ You’re a champion, greatest love of all, you’re a champion, never gonna fall, you’re a champion still standing tall, you’re a champion and you’ll always be a hero”.  Makes me feel all squishy like I’m a really athlete.  For serious tho.

Rupaul’s Drag Race Theme

Another motivator.  You wouldn’t think this would be what with all the start your engines crap but it really goes in with lines like “Are you a winner?  Don’t be a loser” and of course I would never let Mama Ru think I was a loser so yes, I will finish these last two miles and smile through the pain.  Even if my legs do fall clean off, it won’t be because I was a loser.  I will run until they no longer work!  Huzzah!

Jealous of my Boogie

A great song that matches with my pace so I feel like I’m running on beat.  I usually lip synch this one as I’m going (well I lip synch them all), looking around at all the cars and people who aren’t paying attention to me thinking they’re jealous of my boogie.  They can say that they are not but I always seem them lookin’.  Boom.

The Beginning

Perfect song for someone who hasn’t been really running that long.  “This is the beginning of the rest of your life.  You betta get, get, get get get get it right, right.”  Nice motivation to keep going even if your lungs feel like the will explode and you will never breathe again.



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