Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder return Feb 11th

What the what???  Both Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder put out trailers for the second half of their respective seasons and I am here for it!  Neither really tells much of a story, but I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.  To get you guys up to date, here are two short recaps of what went down before the winter finales.

Scandal  There was so much jam packed into this episode, I’m not sure I have the mental fortitude to do this recap justice.  But I shall try.  Here are the main points.  Okay, Mellie filibusters the Senate after the all boys club voted to change Planned Parenthood to “discretionary funds”.  She causes a government shutdown after the filibuster.  Olivia settles into that first lady lifestyle but is obviously bored and not that into it.  Later she breaks up with Fitz because she really only wanted him when he was unavailable.  Oh and this happens after her abortion.  Yup.   Huck held Rowan hostage and then something called Lazarus One happened and all the former B613 dudes get up in arms about it.  David Rosen likes Elizabeth North, but she only wants to bone, so he gives her Christmas present to Susan Ross.  Quinn is back with Charlie.  Was that everything?  I surely hope so because I am not trying to write about this any longer.  Here’s a much better recap.  Enjoy the trailer below

How to Get Away with Murder

Yet another jam-packed episode full of surprises and blah blah blah.  Gah, why did I decide to do this?  Okay, so the last episode we saw Asher kill DA Sinclair.  He calls Bonnie (of course) to help him cover it up so they throw her body over the turret at the Hapstall Mansion.  The injuries don’t seem to match and Asher starts to lose it so Analise admits that the others killed Sam in order to get him on her side.  Surprisingly, Bonnie is the only person who didn’t lose her damn mind this episode.  So after everyone starts freaking out, Analise comes up with the perfect coverup: she calls 911 and tells them that Catherine Hapstall shot her.  She has the gun that was found in Catherine’s room and begs one of her students to shoot here.  We finally found out the person who actually shot Analise: Wes!  Crazy right?  Well, not really, he hasn’t been her biggest fan this season.  The bigger surprise is that she actually wanted to be shot but the way Wes shot her was malicious, like he wanted her dead.  She gets to him by admitting that Rebecca is dead and calls him by his real name: Christophe.  Then we are treated to a flashback from which we find out that Analise and Eve may have had something to do with the suicide of Wes/Christophe’s mother.  That is the TL;DR version.  A much more detailed review can be found here.  And here’s the trailer:


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