My Reactions to Scandal Season 5 Episode 12 “Wild Card”

Ricardo Chavira as Francisco Vargas in Scandal
Ricardo Chavira as Francisco Vargas in Scandal

I don’t really feel like doing a real recap and analyzing Scandal. It’s gotten too ridiculous for that so I shall just write down my reactions to the episodes as I’m watching. It’s much more fun that way.  Also, if you don’t watch Scandal or haven’t seen the episode, none of this will make sense and you might not like it that much.  Just sayin’.  So here we go.

What the heck is Tom doing with Cyrus and in a towel? Why is Tom doing ANYTHING with Cyrus? Isn’t he Rowan’s guy?

How is it that this Francisco guy is so amazing and accomplished but no one knows who he is?

I still don’t understand Liv and Jake. What’s the point anymore?

And why is Charlie still around? That character has completely wore out his welcome. In my mind I’m still shipping Huck and Quinn.

This whole montage with Liv and Rowan being all kindsa disrespectful is why I’ve been wondering why she still has a relationship with him at all. That fool is never gonna change. He’s a horrible person, expertly played by Joe Morton, but pure evil.

Wayment, is that Carlos from Desperate Housewives? Wow, he’s looking pretty good.

Cyrus has proven once again that he is an evil genius.  Sheesh!

I’m so sick of Liv being all tortured.  I mean it isn’t without reason but she’s had opportunities to get away from all the crazy ass people around her but she’s drawn to it. I just want to yell STAHP!

Wow, Perd Hapley didn’t have to lay it on so thick “If you didn’t know Francisco Vargas before tonight, you know who is now” Ha!  We get it!

So nobody else saw the gunman look back right after the shot was fired.  It looks obvious to me.  Like if they guy took a shot, why would he look behind him in surprise?

I liked Abby and David’s relationship back in the day, but I feel really bad for what he and Elizabeth North are doing to poor Susan.  I’ve said this before, she is the ONE good person on the show.  I can’t tell if Rosen really likes her or not.

I actually feel bad for the gunman. I know he’s a racist and whatnot but to blackmail him, force him into an active shooter situation and kidnap his kid?  That was pretty messed up.

Is Liv jealous of Jake’s girlfriend or is there more to the story?  Hmmm….I’d really hate to think of her just doing it because of jealousy; there’s Facebook for that.

Again, Cyrus Beene is an evil genius.

One last question:  When did everyone become so horrible?  The only person I kind of like is Susan Ross and she’s a secondary character.

Okay, tis all for now.



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