Scandal is Back and What the What?!?!???

So upon watching this episode, I realized after it was over I mostly had questions. So there will be question marks galore in this post.  I have sprinkled them EVERYWHERE!  Disclaimer: This will likely make no sense to you if you have not seen the most recent episode of Scandal.

via 20SomethingsProblems Tumblr
via 20SomethingsProblems Tumblr

Uhm, why are Olivia and Rowan out having din dins like the last two or three seasons of the show didn’t happen?!?!?  Why is Jake at Rowan’s house?

WTF is going on with Olivia and Jake?  Are there literally only two men in the whole world she’s willing to be with?  Well I guess last time when she met Russell, that didn’t go so well either so I kinda get it.  But still… And why does Olivia have to have such a tortured personal life anyway?

I feel for Abby and having to be Fitz’s “work wife”.  What kind of sexist crap is that?  Why doesn’t he use his actual Chief of Staff to run his ideas by?  Why does it have to be a woman?  Also, why is he such a baby?  Even if he did still have Mellie, or Olivia for that matter, who the hell wants to be woken up and talked to at all hours of the night about whatever is on his head.  Is there not somebody at the White House paid to do this?

What the hell Jake?  Okay, so is he a bad guy or nah?  I really have no idea what to think about Jake.  He’s been riding the line for so long and I was convinced he was a good guy so long as he was only doing “bad guy” stuff for Ms. Pope.  Gah!  Did Rowan set this up??  Did Jake set this up??  Just what?

Rowan has a way with words, that’s for sure.  It makes me uncomfortable the way he switches between being normal and nice with Olivia and then spewing vitriol at her.  It’s just so peculiar.

Abby’s tirade against being Fitz’s companion animal was delicious

Sally Langston is such a great character.  She’s over the top but not too far off some of the real tv presenters that can be seen nowadays on certain networks.  Also, it’s great that they have been able to repurpose her in such a brilliant way.

Okay overall the episode was okay.  I like it when OPA has clients and works cases.  We’ve spent far too long focusing on the Olivia-Jake-Fitz love triangle drama and not enough time on the crises that made the first season so good.  We need more of that.  Even in this case it wasn’t the focus of the episode.  They need to come back a little bit stronger next week because this one was entertaining, as always, but something was a little bit off.

Y’all know I ride for Scandal but it is finally getting to the point where I’m a little bit annoyed because it’s gotten so convoluted and it’s hard to remember all the crazy intersecting storylines and Olivia’s tortured soul is becoming too much.  Can’t she just be happy for a little while?  Of course I will continue watching because I typically do even after a show jumps the shark but man, they are not making it easy.

Anywho, up next is a recap on HTGAWM!  Toodles!



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  1. Mya, Mya, Mya, you are indeed asking all of the same questions I have had…I stopped watching it got a little while because I felt like overkill on the relationship twistedness, like you said, can they take more cases please…

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