My Super Duper Late Review of RPDR Season 8 Episode 2


Hey y’all this review is sooooo late!  I realize that the next episode will be on tonight.  I actually started writing this three days ago!   Midterms were kicking my butt but whatever, I still want to review this episode!  I’ll get my shit together someday. I love this season so far, even though it has only been 2 episodes.  An as an aside, I just started rewatching Season 7 on Hulu and I actually don’t think it is as bad as most people make it seem.   I think there were a few bad attitudes at first, but I maintain that the season wasn’t that great because it was far to heavy on acting challenges.  But, I digress.  Back to your regular programming!

The Challenges

Mini Challenge

This week’s mini challenge was meh.  The queens had to dance to “Cha Cha Bitch” by Rupaul and AB Soto.  Some did quite well.  Cynthia Lee Fontaine was great, as was Chi Chi Devayne so it came as no surprise that they both won.  I think Thorgy was extremely smart to just play to her comedy strengths.  Acid Betty was really good in the challenge as well.  What was that wig tho?  Seems Derrick Barry’s dance repertoire is limited to whatever Britney Spears does.  Poor Kim Chi!  Everyone else was just okay.

Main Challenge

This main challenge this week was Bitch Perfect, a lip synch extravaganza where the girls were sorted into two groups based on the choices of Chi Chi and Cynthia Lee.  The groups were the Lady Bitches and the Shady Bitches and they were tasked to perform lip synch medleys of some of Rupaul’s greatest hits.  This is a challenge I could get behind because lip synching is what drag queens do.  It’s totally an accurate way to challenge them.


The Groups

The Lady Bitches (Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Bob the Drag Queen, Derrick Barry, Laila McQueen, Kim Chi, and Robbie Turner)

From left to right: Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Bob the Drag Queen, Derrick Barry, Laila McQueen, Robbie Turner, Kim Chi (via channel guide mag)
From left to right: Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Bob the Drag Queen, Derrick Barry, Laila McQueen, Robbie Turner, Kim Chi (via channel guide mag)

The Lady Bitches were good.  They seemed to get along extremely well as a group and no one seemed unhappy with their assignments.  On the main stage, Kim Chi definitely did a good enough lip synch that she covered up for her non-dancing skills.  Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Robbie Turner were on point.  Bob the Drag Queen was good too, and I like Laila McQueen’s performance as well.  Derrick Barry did okay.  Point is, their performance was good, but not great.  I think they could have been more over the top.

The Shady Bitches (Chi Chi Devayne, Acid Betty, Thorgy Thor, Naomi Smalls, and Dax Exclamation Point)

From left to right: Chi Chi Devayne, Naomi Smalls, Acid Betty, Dax Exclamation Point, Thorgy Thor (via channel guide mag)
From left to right: Chi Chi Devayne, Naomi Smalls, Acid Betty, Dax Exclamation Point, Thorgy Thor

Now these girls!  They had a hard time getting along though.  Well basically Acid Betty wasn’t being the best team player.  She had legitimate concerns but she’s not that great at treating people with respect.  Trixie Mattel said it best when she asked “Is it Acid Betty or Asshole Betty?” BUT, On the main stage, they played up to their “shady” characterization.  They were the baddest of bad girls.  I loved their outfits, their hair, and their choreography was so much cuter than the Lady Bitches.  The weakest link on the team was Dax and that was because she didn’t seem to know the words to the songs but I thought she did good with the choreo and with the look.  Chi Chi Devayne completely turned the party with that upside down split and with the twerking.  Ooooh chile!

The Runway Looks

They were supposed to wear something that they would wear to a movie premiere.  Pictures of the runway looks are above.  Here are my thoughts:

Acid Betty

I loved Betty’s head piece and I like the idea of her dress but the bottom of the dress was kind of awkward and it seemed like it was hard to walk around in it.  The hair was gorgeous and the make up as always.  I really want to like Acid Berry Betty but she’s just such a freaking butthole!  Ugh!  But she may grow on me because I can tell some of it came from wanting to do well and be prepared this week, so we shall see.  Plus she did do really good on the challenge.

Robbie Turner

I loved Robbie’s dress.  It was red and big and poofy and gorgeous.  The makeup was nice but the wig wasn’t that great.  But she also did pretty good on the challenge despite an unfortunate accident with Cynthia Lee Fontaine stepping on her foot with a HEEL!  Ah!  I totally could not tell during the performance so bonus points for that!  Also, the personality was so much better this week.

Kim Chi

I’m still living for Kim Chi! She wore this gorgeous gown that had cherry blossoms all over it.  Her makeup was on point as usual and we learned during the time the queens were getting ready that she used to be really overweight!  Also she is a virgin.  I was so surprised because Kim Chi seems really nice and is a really good looking guy.  Anywho, like I said earlier, she did well during the challenge despite not being able to dance and actually falling over during the rehearsal.  Lastly, the judges discussed how she walks in heels, saying that she doesn’t know how.  I don’t know that it’s necessarily true though; she walked around fine during the challenge and the dress she wore on the runway didn’t lend itself to a stomp down the runway type of walk.

Thorgy Thor

I still like Thorgy.   I liked that she used her own hair in the challenge and was really good at dancing.  Thorgy’s drag is so adaptable and I’m here for it!  She did good during the challenge and that disco pantsuit she wore down the runway was different from the gowns everyone else wore but I liked it.  She had fun with it.

Bob The Drag Queen

Y’all already know I love Bob!   Bob is really funny and did a pretty good job on the challenge.  I loved Bob’s dress that she wore on the runway, I liked the makeup as well.  But I did not love the hair.  I like a good fro like everyone else but it was out of place with that gown.

Laila McQueen

I thought Laila did okay in the challenge; she at least knew her parts and she looked cute with that blonde wig which doesn’t seem like her typical look.  I don’t care what the judges say, her dress on the runway was GORGE.  I loved the color and the sequins and the way it fit.  I also really liked her makeup.  The wig was just too flat and boring and it clashed with the dress.

Chi Chi Devayne

Chi Chi was so good this episode.  She had some problems with Asshole Berry Acid Betty but they did really good under her leadership and as already stated, she totally deserved the win.  As for her runway look, I really liked it.  The judges said it was too plain but I didn’t see anything wrong with it.  Just because Acid Betty wears something super avant-garde, it doesn’t mean everyone else needs to do something to top it.

Derrick Berry

She was right when she said she can’t change her face because all I see is Britney Spears when she comes out but that’s not necessarily a bad thing; it is what it is.  She did good on the challenge as well.  The runway dress and hair were really cute but maybe not worthy of a movie premiere.  It didn’t seem fancy enough.

Naomi Smalls

Naomi also did a really good job on the challenge this week.  Her runway look was super cute.  I’m not sure if it was fancy enough.  Someone said she wore strategically placed fabric but I don’t know, I was here for it. I don’t think it fit with what they were supposed to go for but I didn’t see anything wrong with it, it looked really good.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Cynthia is so nice and such a good group leader.  Her group got along well.  She was on point during the challenge even kicked her shoe off but kept going.  A professional performer.  Her runway look was really nice, it did seem to be more fitting for an older lady but then again in drag, Cynthia Lee does seem like a more mature lady.

Dax Exclamation Point

Dax did okay in the challenge.  She forgot some lyrics to the songs but overall everyone else in the group outshined her so any flaws she may have had probably stuck out more.  I loved her outfit and I thought she did a good job dancing and looking the part during the challenge.  Her runway look wasn’t as terrible as everyone made it seem, but her padding was bad from day one.  Her hair and makeup were so pretty; she looked like Donna Summer.  I liked the flower in her hair, but that’s just me.

The Elimination

So the best and the worst of the week were Chi Chi, Laila, Dax, Thorgy, Acid Betty, and Kim Chi.   Chi Chi won the challenge (as she should have).  It came down to Dax Exclamation Point and Laila McQueen and in the lip synch.  They had one of the most iconic songs to lipsynch to EVAR.  Unfortunately neither of them did much with it and in a surprise twist, they were both eliminated.  *GASP*  Then Rupaul proceeded to call someone and ask how soon they could get here.  My bet is on Naysha Lopez.  Bringing anyone else back or bringing someone new in seems foolish, but what do I know?



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