Nina Looks Even Worse After Viewing the Trailer


I mean, when they first decided to put Zoe Saldana in the dark make-up, did no one think “Gee, this looks pretty horrible”?  This make-up and prosthetic nose business is crazy.  I think Zoe has had a few moments in film that were good, but she’s never really been on my radar as an amazing actress,  so I don’t really understand why they’ve gone so far in shoe horning her into this role.

I want to talk about how they put a lighter skinned woman essentially into blackface in order to look like a woman who’s image was very much about her darker skin and natural hair.  This is like a slap in the face to someone many consider to be a legend.  Look, I won’t profess to be a huge Nina Simone fan; I like “Feeling Good” like everyone else and thoroughly enjoyed the documentary on her life that was released on Netflix last year.  Combine this with my Google research on her after watching the documentary, I possess only a small amount of knowledge of a person and I could STILL tell that what they are doing with this film is not right, particularly in the casting, blackface, and nose.

Honestly, the photos looked pretty bad when the movie was announced back in 2012, and many hoped they would do better after being dragged for that but it appears this did not happen.  It looks like they just doused poor Zoe in the darkest tanning lotion they could find and just let it dry like that.  What the what??  Did they really expect this to go off without a hitch?

The acting is so-so but it’s so hard to get past the way she looks that it’s hard to really tell.  And poor David Oyelowo.  I’m sure he was just glad to have a role back when this was filmed.  Idk guys, check out the trailer below.  What do you think?  Yay or Nay?

Nina comes to select theaters April 22nd.


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