RuCo’s Empire: Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8, Epi 3


Okay my peoples.  This review is still hella late, but it is earlier than last weeks, so I guess I have that to work with.  This week’s episode was RuCo’s Empire, an all drag spoof of Fox’s Empire.  Such a fun challenge to watch.  This week’s guest judges were Tasha Smith (who is hilarious) and Faith Evans.  Pow! Here we go…

The Challenges

Mini Challenge

This week’s mini challenge was for the queens to glam up some judge robes.  It was good, my personal favorite was Thorgy Thor’s outfit and the way she came out.  Thorgy is on my list y’all.  Anyway, it was kind of a meh mini challenge.  I guess I’m just not feeling the mini challenges this season.  Some were funny; most were not.  Anywho, moving on….

Main Challenge

This main challenge this week was RuCo’s Empire, a spoof on Empire with each character being named after a cookie.  Rupaul played Raucous (of course) and the Queens got to play the parts of Rucious’ daughters Macaroon, Ginger Snap, Shortbread, his girlfriend (based on Boo Boo Kitty) Vanilla Wafer and his ex-wife Chocolate Chip Cookie.


The Groups

Group 1 (Naysha Lopez, Thorgy Thor, Derrick Barry, Kim Chi and Acid Betty)

From left to right: Naysha Lopez, Thorgy Thor, Derrick Barry, Kim Chi, Acid Betty
From left to right: Naysha Lopez, Thorgy Thor, Derrick Barry, Kim Chi, Acid Betty via

This group did alright with the challenge.  Thorgy Thor outshined the rest of the group by far.  Acid Betty was good as well but everyone else was kinda meh.  I felt that Thorgy should have won the challenge overall, but I’m not upset by the person who did win.  Derrick was lost in the shuffle, Naysha did okay, and Kim Chi was over the top but not in a good way.

Group 2 (Naomi Smalls, Bob the Drag Queen, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Chi Chi Devayne, and Robbie Turner)

From left to right: Naomi Smalls, Bob the Drag Queen, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Chi Chi Devayne, Robbie Turner
From left to right: Naomi Smalls, Bob the Drag Queen, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Chi Chi Devayne, Robbie Turner via

This group was much better.  Bob won the challenge overall, and I thought she did a great job but it was a little bit extra for me, whereas Thorgy’s interpretation of Cookie was just enough.  Overall this group seemed better prepared and we got to hear Cynthia’s lovely singing voice again for a few seconds.  Robbie messed up, but not as badly as everyone made it seem.  Chi Chi was good because she was basically playing herself, but hey we should all play to our strengths.  If they had been judged by group and not individually, this group would have won hands down.

The Runway Looks

This week’s runway look was Roller Girl.  Here are my thoughts:

Acid Betty

I really enjoyed Acid Berry’s roller derby look.  I am actually surprised no one else thought of it.  Some of the judges were saying Roller Girl and Roller Derby are different but I don’t see why that would be a problem on the runway.  I do agree with Michelle though, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit of glam or a full head of hair on Acid Betty.  Hopefully she takes on that challenge. Oh and p.s. her antics during Kim Chi’s Untucked call from Trixie Mattel were just crappy.  Asshole Betty strikes again.

Robbie Turner

Robbie’s Roller Girl outfit was appropriate.  I got where she was going with it.  I didn’t love it though but she was one of the better roller skaters of all the queens.  The personality is definitely clicking a lot more for me this week especially the way she helped her team with their acting.

Kim Chi

Okay, I know Kim Chi was doing a duplication of a runway look but I thought it was just okay.  I think the hair was a little flat, but it was cute.

Thorgy Thor

Thorgy is becoming one of my faves.  She’s so eclectic.  She KILLED on the challenge and her Roller Girl outfit was cute and spot on.  Loved it.

Bob The Drag Queen

When Bob said she was gonna do a transformer, I was thinking it seemed like a  lot to be doing.  I’m glad she had a backup plan because that was too much.  I liked the outfit, it was kind of basic but the makeup and hair definitely pulled it all together.  I was scared for her on those skates though.  It’s gotta be hard to do that having never skated before.  Sheesh.  I liked her performance but it as a lil bit on the extra side.  I still ride for Bob tho.

Chi Chi Devayne

Chi Chi was alright in the challenge, but that runway look was not it.  She just looked really manly in it and the makeup looked more suited for like a gown or something like that.  However this bitch was HILARIOUS on untucked.  That whole bit about Robbie’s wig looking like rats had been sucking on it was comedy gold.  I could listen to her talk all day long, but that Roller Girl outfit?  Nah.

Derrick Berry

I loved the hair with Derrick’s outfit.  I loved the dress as well but it didn’t go with the theme.  There was nothing Roller Girl about it.  It did look like it could be a figure skating outfit but nah.  Best thing Derrick did this week was come to Trixie Mattel’s defense when Acid Berry showed her ass.  Kudos for that girl!  Yas!

Naomi Smalls

Naomi’s performance was okay.  I’m beginning to think Naomi’s outfits are all just a few pieces of fabric stapeled together.  The outfit was very beautiful, of course, but it didn’t seem like a Roller Girl outfit AND it was a pink version of last week’s runway. I want to see more involved outfits from Naomi.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Cynthia is so nice and sweet and it pains me to say this but that outfit was just one big NOPE.  The hat and the wig and the shirt and the jewelry and those dreaded shorts all belonged to different outfits.  Her makeup was nice but nothing else was.  And to hear that she had some bell bottoms she could have worn with that top makes it much worse.  Again her singing voice is great but her performance in the challenge was just so so.  But such a great personality.

Naysha Lopez

I called it didn’t I??  Welcome back to Naysha Lopez.  I think her Roller Girl look was THE best of them all.  Raja and Raven should have picker her for the top toot of the week.  It was so cute, the pale pink, the hair, the way she skated out (before the fall) was all so good.  Her performance in the challenge was okay, but that outfit was on point y’all.

The Elimination

So the bottom two were Robbie Turner and Cynthia Lee Fontaine.  They were given the choice of lip synching in their skates or putting on heels.  Cynthia Lee opted to put heels on, Robbie kept the skates on.  You know this lip synch was so, so much better than last weeks.  Cynthia gave her all with the dancing, but Robbie brought the house down on those skates chile.  Whew!  Such a good lip synch but so sad when Cynthia started to cry.  We’ll miss Cynthia Lee Fontaine and it would have been so great to have her voice for the next week’s challenge which is a music one.  Either way, I am ready for next week!

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