Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Premiere!


It was the day we had been waiting for since forever ago!  The premiere of Rupaul’s Drag Race (RPDR) season 8 was last night and how!  I really liked it.  Many thought season 7 was a bore and lots didn’t like the contestants from that season either.  I’m with them when it comes to the season overall.  I liked most of the contestants but feel like they were given challenges that weren’t very interesting and it was too based on acting and not on sewing and walking the runway.  So all that being said, I though this premiere redeemed itself in a good way! Spoilers Below!

The Challenges

Mini Challenge

First of all, the mini challenge with the winners of past seasons was so good.  All of the prior winner looked hot!  And as the first winner of RPDR, we need to see lots more of BeBe Zahara Bonet in general.  Some contestants did better than others.  Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls did really well.  Chi Chi Devayne, and Cynthia Lee Fontaine had good photos as well.  They said Robbie Turner did well (she won the challenge), and it’s true the pic looked good, but she was disrespectful to Sharon Needles and I wasn’t here for that or her attitude, but karma sort of caught up to her when she forgot to pick her own challenge and was left with the last one.  Laila McQueen really struggled but everyone else did okay.  I was hoping for better from my boo Bob though.  If you want to see all of the photos, click here.

Main Challenge

This main challenge was sooo creative; the queens each had to recreate a sewing challenge from a previous season.  Robbie won the mini challenge and got to choose everyone’s challenge.   They are as follows:

Drag on a Dime Challenge (season 1) – Naysha Lopez

Pride Float Challenge (season 4) – Naomi Smalls

Money Ball Challenge (season 3) – Acid Betty

Sugar Ball Challenge(season 5) – Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Glitter Ball Challenge (season 6) – Chi Chi Devayne

Apocalyptic Couture Challenge (season 4) – Laila McQueen

Cake Couture Challenge (season 3) – Thorgy Thor

Hair Challenge (season 3) – Kim Chi

Hello Kitty Couture Challenge (season 7) – Dax Exclamation Point

Gone with the Window Challenge (season 2) – Bob The Drag Queen

The Queen who Mopped Christmas Challenge (season 3) – Derrick Berry

The Bitch Ball Challenge (season 4) – Robbie Turner

The Contestants


Okay so we already met the contestants but it’s different seeing the promo from seeing them in their habitat on the show so, here are my first impressions:

Naomi Smalls

This queen is gorgeous and has legs that are miles long!  Her outfit that she wore to walk in to the workroom was fire! So far we haven’t seen much from her and I thought she did a great job posing on the mini challenge, but her pose looked a bit out of place She did okay in the main challenge, considering she had to carry that big ole boat.  Her personality seems okay so far, but I guess we’ll see.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Cynthia is funny and energetic and seems to always be having a good time no matter what.  I love the way she says “Y’all” and I thought her mini challenge picture looked really good too, but I have to agree that her maxi challenge outfit was a ripoff of Detox’s from season 5 except she did have a reveal with the skirt.

Dax Exclamation Point

We didn’t get a lot out of Dax on the first episode.  I loved her look when she came into the workroom and her runway look was cute.  Her mini challenge photo was pretty good as well.  No idea on the personality just yet; she wasn’t featured very much.

Naysha Lopez

At first glance, she’s gorgeous and looks a lot like Phi Phi O’Hara.  Her personality was okay.  She sort of faded away in the mini challenge and did a pretty bad job on the maxi challenge so it’s sad she went home, I’d sooner have seen Robbie Turner go home, but them’s the breaks.  Plus it did just look like a toga with a piece of gold cardboard wrapped around.  The face was beat tho!  Also, this is SEASON 8!  It should be required to be able to sew at this point.  I don’t know how people keep showing up not knowing how to.

Acid Betty

You know, when Acid Betty said she would have no friends in her Meet The Queens video, I didn’t believe it, she seemed so artsy and cool but would you know it?  Acid Betty is a total asshole in this first episode!  Sheesh!  Disappointment over here because I love outside the box queens.  Maybe it’ll get better but I think she’s going to be the villain. That being said, I loved her Money Ball runway look!

Robbie Turner

I did not get a good impression from Robbie Turner.  Maybe it’s the editing but she did not seem very nice and the outfit she wore to the workroom was and okay idea but not well executed.  That said, it did look really good in the mini challenge photo.  Unfortunately she forgot to pick one of the good challenges for herself for the runway and did not do a good job with what she ended up with.  I’d have rather seen her lipsynch instead of Laila and also would have sooner wanted her to go home instead of Naysha.  I do think she is being set up as a villain as well.

Kim Chi

I’m living for Kim Chi!  She reminds me a lot of Trixie Mattel in her makeup style.  She has such a dry, funny personality and I love the lisp.  She also slayed on the mini challenge and with the main challenge.  She looked perfectly in place on that mini challenge photo.  Her take the Hair Ball Challenge was so different from what anyone had done before.  A Lion??? YAS!

Thorgy Thor

I like Thorgy.  She seems like she’s nice and I love how different she looks out of drag with the locks and all. Go ‘head chile!  She didn’t do that great on either challenge but I still like her; she has a good personality.

Bob The Drag Queen

Y’all already know I love Bob!   Bob is hilarious and I love the personality.  If anyone ever has to lip synch against her, that’s it!  That being said, her mini challenge wasn’t great but I loved her runway look, even the ugly purse.

Laila McQueen

Laila is cute and kind of an underdog.  Even though she didn’t do very well in the mini challenge, and she did lip synch (which she did great) I thought her runway look was good and that Robbie’s ass should have been lipsyching because she came out looking like she glued cotton balls to a piece of cardboard and wrapped it around her body.  Anywho, I like Laila and I really felt it when she said she’s used to being the edgy one but doesn’t fee that way around Acid Betty and Kim Chi.  I’m hopeful she will do well, she has a different style than the other two anyway.

Chi Chi Devayne

Chi Chi is so country.  “…a fuckin bumpkin.  As country as fried catfish sandwiches…” according to Bob and doesn’t look the same AT ALL outside of drag.  But she is resourceful, creative and I love her personality.  I hope Chi Chi goes far.  She has done great so far; her mini challenge photo was good, she looked like she fit in with the other winners.  Her runway look was also super cute!

Derrick Berry

Uh, Derrick is meh.  She does an amazing Britney illusion which is what she’s been doing for like 13 years so it should be.  Her mini challenge picture was really great but her main challenge outfit was meh.  I’ll wait to see if she can change her look up dramatically enough to not only be Britney Spears.


Overall, it was a great episode and I loved it.  I’m excited to see what this season has in store for us!






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