5 Reasons Why Music Videos Were The Ish in the Early 2000’s

via usherworld.com
via usherworld.com

Picture it…Long Beach, CA…2001.  I was 16 and like everyone else my age, all I wanted to do was watch music videos.  Why?  I’m gonna tell you…



This was one of my favorite things about music videos.  I would try to learn the choreo for many a video.  In the late 90’s and early 00’s if  you were a pop or r&b artist, you had to be able to dance in your video.  Everyone did.


The videos were so glossy, and bright and sunny and probably 77.5% of them took place on a beach in Miami.  (Or anywhere in Miami).  The ones that didn’t were still full of bright colors and beautiful locations.

The Beats

Almost every song in the early aughts was being produced by The Neptunes or Bryan Michael Cox, so that lead to some bangers that came with banging music videos.

The Matching Outfits

Remember 112, Jagged Edge, Destiny’s Child, etc?  Remember all the matching outfits??  Loved them!



The Graphics

See the following examples…


Of course there are a gazillion more where these came from.  I just couldn’t include them all and as it is I included so many.  What are some of your favorite videos from the early 2000’s???

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