Dancing with the Stars Season 22 So Far


We have had two weeks worth of Dancing with the Stars season 22 and it has been pretty good actually.  I haven’t been writing recaps although maybe I should start.  Now’s as good a time as any I suppose.  DISCLAIMER:  I am an armchair dance expert which means I don’t know nothing besides what I see on DWTS.  What you will read are my own opinions.  That’s it.  Take what you will.  So without further ado…


The Contestants

Geraldo Rivera is dancing with returning pro Edyta this season.  So far he’d been very stiff.  They danced the Cha Cha Cha for the first week and the Salsa for week 2.  Both dances were weak, but he is an old man.  I’m not a fan of Geraldo, so good riddance!

Mischa Barton is dancing with Artem.  The former star of The OC seems to be having a hard time on the show.  The first two dances (Tango and Cha Cha Cha) were pretty weak.  Most other contestants are thrilled to be there but she just seems miserable and it doesn’t help that the judges (mostly Len) are pretty hard on her.  She’s been on the verge of tears with them.  I don’t think she’ll last long and it doesn’t seem like she wants to.

Kim Fields is dancing with Sasha who I’m happy to see up there as a pro this season.  He previously stepped in for Derrick Hough (who is not back this season) when he was injured during season 20.   Anyway, Sasha and Kim danced the Cha Cha Cha on the first week and the Salsa on week 2.  I think she does a good job but it’s not a great job.  But she has great energy so hopefully she improves.

Von Miller is dancing with Witney and I think they’re a cute team.  The MVP is doing pretty good in my humble opinion.  I love that she’s fining him for being late and donating the money ($1500 so far) to charity.  They seem like a good team.  For week one they danced a Foxtrot and week two was the Cha Cha Cha.  Both times there were these hip hop-isn breakdowns and I don’t think we really need that.  He’s a good dancer and has a good time on the floor.  I’d like to see him when they do a more serious dance without those breaks in the middle.

Antonio Brown is dancing with Sharna and they make a good team.  Sharna is such a good choreographer so I hope Antonio can rise to the challenge and really get into the dances.   Week one they danced the Quickstep which I thought they did a good job of.  Week two was the Rhumba and I thought it could be a little more smooth.

Wanya Morris is dancing with Lindsey.  The Boyz 2 Men singer came out with a BANG!  Wanya can really move.  I am impressed that he is learning these dances while touring (usually bad luck on DWTS) and is coming out there and killing it.  Week one they danced Cha Cha Cha and week two was Salsa.  They had a hip hop break in the Cha Cha Cha on week one but I thought it was really well done.

Ginger Zee, meteorologist for Good Morning America, is dancing with Val.  I ride for Val y’all.  I like Ginger, she’s funny and awkward and the way she dances is similar to Bindi Irwin.  I just worry that she can only do cute and bubbly and not sultry or sexy for some of the dances.  These two Jived for week one and did a Samba for week 2.  The first dance was stronger to me but mainly because I thought she was too bubbly.  Latin dances should be kind of sexy I think.

Paige Vanzant, UFC fighter, is dancing with Mark.  Mark is also great with choreography and Paige is a good dancer.  It seemed like she might be stiff at first but nope, I think she’s really good.  The first week they danced Foxtrot which was really good and week 2 she danced a Salsa with Alan from the troupe, who apparently stepped in with 2 hour notice.  Their performance was so good! Good for Paige.

Nyle DiMarco, winner of America’s Next Top Model Season 22 is dancing with Peta.  It must be noted that Nyle is completely deaf and can only feel vibrations of music if it is loud enough.  On the ballroom floor at DWTS, the music is in fact NOT loud enough.  All of this is to say that Nyle came out the gate and had my mouth wide open.  This dude danced better than mostly everyone else on week one and he can’t even HEAR!  Oh em gee!  The first week Nyle and Peta did a Samba and week 2 they did a Rhumba.  They got torn up for having a lift in the Rhumba which is apparently a no-no, and also because it wasn’t slow enough.  I still thought they did an amazing job.

Doug Flutie is dancing with Karina.  The retired NFL quarterback is a little stiff, although not nearly as stiff as Geraldo.  He seems like he’s really trying though.  Week one was a Fox Trot and week two was a Paso Doble.  He definitely improved between the two weeks.

Marla Maples, noted ex-wife of Donald Trump and also former actress is dancing with veteran pro, Tony.  Marla seems so sweet and has such a soft and dainty voice.  She is also very flexible and a pretty good dancer.  The first week’s Fox Trot seemed like it was tailor-made for her and she did very well with the Argentine Tango in week two.  Marla is one to watch.

Jodie Sweetin, noted star of Full House and Fuller House, is dancing with Keo.  I’m so happy for this because Jodie is good and Keo has had a rash of bad luck with his partners over the last few seasons, so hopefully he and Jodie will be in for the long haul.  They danced a Tango during week one and a Samba during week two.  Both were good.


Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing more.  I’m also hoping to get tickets to see it live again.  This was just a quick and dirty review to get something out there.  I will likely be a bit more thorough in the coming weeks.  But til next time…

jiggly caliente peace

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