Most Memorable Year: Dancing with the Stars Season 22, Episode 3


This week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars was Most Memorable Year.  This episode each season is usually filled with lots of emotion and the contestants usually do well with the dances because they are more connected with it and all that.  This time I didn’t cry or feel as emotionally involved as I did on other seasons, but overall it was good.


The Performances

Ginger and Val:  Team Gin and Juice were first out the gate with a heartwarming Contemporary routine to Home by “Home” by Philip Phillips.  She chose 2013 as her most memorable year because it is when she met her husband.  I thought they did okay; it was cute like her other dances but she hasn’t lived up to that first week so far.  She’s a brand new mom though so I definitely give her kudos for being able to keep up with DWTS.

Doug and Karina:  This team danced a Waltz to “Rainbow Connection” by Charla Corn, which was beatifully performed live by Andra Day.  Doug chose 2015 as his year because both of his parents died the same day, his father was sick and his mother died of a broken heart.  It was such a sad story but  I thought he did pretty good with the Waltz, there was a mishap when he tripped over Karina’s gown but they got past it.

Kim and Sasha:  Team Kiesha came out with a cute Foxtrot to the Fact of Life theme song.  Her most memorable year is obviously the year she started acting.  Carrie Ann is so right that Kim still looks like Tootie.  She has really great energy and hopefully she’ll stick around for the long haul.  Carrie Ann said they dance like the Wonder Twins so I’m hopeful they’ll do well.

Von and Witney:  His most memorable year was this year because he won the Superbowl and was named MVP, duh! I thought they did well with their Contemporary, and I think it’s hard for them because of their size difference.  Von is a good dancer and I want to see him do more!  Last night, in between the lifts, there was some good stuff in there but it mostly seemed like they were leveraging his strength and not necessarily his dance abilities.

Marla and Tony: Their Jive was so good.  I’m impressed with Marla every week.  She just seems so nice and ladylike but then she gets out there and kills it with the dance steps. It’s not that she’s doing them perfectly, but it’s in a way that is uniquely hers, it’s very sophisticated and dainty but still good.

Antonio and Sharna:  This was a cute Foxtrot, especially with Antonio Jr. taking part in it.  I have to be honest, I really want to root for Antonio because he seems like a good guy but he’s not really doing that well with the dancing.  I think he’s having a lot of fun which is great, but he’s not really a frontrunner.  I think he came into this thinking that having good rhythm was all he needed and that isn’t really working out.

Paige and Mark:  First, I’m glad Mark is okay and performing!  Secondly, Paige’s memorable year is 2014 because she started her UFC career after having been bullied in school.  Mark is such a creative choreographer.  I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff but I thought their Paso Doble was interesting, creative and it worked well with the fighter theme. Paige is the real deal.

Jodie and Keo:  I really like Jodie and I am glad she had really come away from a bad past and is doing great things.  This week she had a Foxtrot with Keo to “Rise Up” by Andra Day, also gorgeously performed live by Ms. Day.  I thought this was a really good dance, I like Jodie and Keo and am still glad Keo got a better partner this season.  Her performance was full of emotion and passion and I could feel that.

Mischa and Artem:  They had a Samba this week and I had to look that up to make sure that’s what it was supposed to be.  Poor Mischa, I believe her most memorable year was when she left the show The OC, in 2008.  She went traveling and finding herself.  Again, poor Mischa.  I just feel like she was so miserable doing the show.  She doesn’t seem to have good musicality and maybe she’s just not meant to be a dancer, but it seemed like an embarrassing and horrific experience for her.

Wanya and Linday:  Wanya’s most memorable year was 1996 when he and Boyz 2 Men sang the national anthem at the closing ceremony of the summer Olympics in Atlanta.  They recorded and acapella version for the show and this is what Wanya and Lindsay waltzed to.  I have to say it.  I LOVE Wanya!  He’s such a good dancer.  Usually the men on DWTS get off easy because the female pros can twirl and whip and flip around them and the men just do a few steps in between.  This is not the case with Wanya and I can’t wait to see what they do next.  He is definitely a frontrunner.

Nyle and Peta:  They had a Tango this week.  I continue to be and probably will always be super impressed by Nyle.  He can’t hear but dances better than almost everyone else on the show despite that.  He seems really nice, and I love his fearless attitude.  His most memorable year was 2012, when he decided to travel Europe on his own without an interpreter. That takes real guts and for me, Nyle and Wanya are neck and neck in the competition.

The Elimination

This week, Jodie and Keo, Mischa and Artem, and Doug and Karina were in jeopardy.  Mischa ultimately went home and I think she really wanted to as well.  It’s like she was put out of her misery.  So all is well that ends well.  Until next week…



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