SNATCH GAME: Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8, Epi 5


Hey Cool Kids, here I am with this week’s review of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 8!  SNATCH GAME!  Pow!  And only one day after it aired.  What???  Yes!  So heeeeeerrrreee we go!

The Main Challenge

This week’s challenge was, of course, SNATCH GAME!   This is often the highlight of each season of Rupaul’s Drag Race and can make or break a contestants chances.  I look forward to it each season to see what the queens will come up with.  Now let me first say, they teased us with the battle of the Whoopi’s thing between Naomi Smalls and Bob the Drag Queen.  Spoiler: Neither one did Whoopi!  So here is how each candidate did:

Thorgy Thor as Michael Jackson:  I thought Thorgy did a really good job as Michael, especially that little giggle.  There was a lot of attention to details with the bandaids and movements.  I thought it was well done.  I do feel bad for Thorgy because she IS the Susan Lucci of this season.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Kim Chi as Kimmy Jong Un: This was a weird one because it was supposed to be a drag version of Kim Jung Un but it didn’t look very drag-ish or female at all.  That being said, I think Kim Chi did a good job of making it funny.  It really doesn’t matter what character someone plays as long as they make it funny enough.

Acid Betty as Nancy Grace: Turrible.  She didn’t do it justice, hair and makeup were bad.  The end.  But we did get to see a little bit of Betty as a real person during Untucked.  So that was good.

Robbie Turner as Diana Vreeland: It wasn’t that good and Diana Vreeland is not someone I am familiar with but at the same time, I wasn’t familiar with Little Edie either and I thought Jinkx killed that one in season 5.  (Sorry to bring the whole Seattle comparison in) But she wasn’t the worst of the game.

Naomi Smalls as Tiffany “New York” Pollard: Why Naomi?  It was a bad performance.  New York is basically a walking caricature.  I actually feel bad because Naomi scrapped her idea to do Whoopi Goldberg once Bob said she might do Whoopi.  Naomi said she’d been working on that one so I feel that it would have gone over better.  It sucks she let Bob intimidate her and Bob should’ve let Naomi have Whoopi if Bob knew she wasn’t going to do it.

Chi Chi Devayne as Eartha Kitt:  Yas.  Cheech does it again.  She did really good and I thought she was on par with Bob and Thorgy as far as staying in character and being funny.  This was another one of those times where I thought she deserved to be in the top and not just safe.  I wanted to hear some good things from the judges!  When she lifted that leg, it was so funny.  I died!

Derrick Barry as Britney Spears: Predictable but I thought it was entertaining but not as great as some of the other performances, however I think I had super high expectations because Derrick is a professional Britney impersonator. She did have some good one liners though.

Bob the Drag Queen as Uzo Aduba and Carol Channing: Bob is good.  I mean REAL good.  She had the mannerisms, the way Uzo (as Crazy Eyes) acts, talks and even produced a poem.   I mean this queen came PREPARED.  Then she switched to Carol Channing which was also funny and she had a funny back and forth with Cheech as Eartha Kitt.  It was really good, but I agree with Michelle Visage that it did have a bit of showboating in there.  Toward the end, Bob sort of just took over and kept going and going and it was a bit too much.


The Runway Looks


This week’s runway look was The Night of 1000 Madonnas.  It was super interesting to see what everyone came up with.  First of all four queens had the same Madonna look which was surprising a kind of disappointing because only one person did one I was expecting and a few others were pretty original.  So allons-y!

Here are my thoughts:

Thorgy Thor

Thorgy was first out of the gate with the Madonna kimono look from her Nothing Really Matters music video.  This outfit was cute and in Thorgy fashion so I was cool with it. Until…

Kim Chi

Kim Chi comes out second with the same theme.  Now we’d seen a teaser before the commercial break showing that these two had the same idea, so it was expected.   Kim Chi made hers into an actual geisha outfit but it was still the same Madonna look but also not a Madonna look at the same time.  Then…

Derrick Berry

Derrick comes out third in the same.freaking.outfit.  S At least Derrick’s kimono look was slightly different in that it wasn’t red, and was hand painted with Madonna’s face, but still…and seriously, who chose the order of the queens runway walks? I have a feeling it wouldn’t have seemed so bad if they hadn’t all come out one after another in a row.  It still would have been bad but not as overwhelming.

Naomi Smalls

Naomi also wore the Nothing Really Matters kimono, but in Naomi Smalls fashion.  Basically she wore a lingerie version of it.  She was called out by Robbie Turner on Untucked for wearing the same silhouette every week.  She looked good though.

Acid Betty

Acid Betty’s Madonna outfit was different, outside of the box and wasn’t the kimono so that’s a start!  It was from Madonna’s Bedtime Stories video where she’s pregnant.  It was different and the most toned down version of Betty we’ve seen so far.

Robbie Turner

A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies so I was here for Robbie Turner’s Rockford Peaches outfit.  Yes! That’s it, the hair, the makeup and the outfit were all a yes.  This was one that was definitely unexpected.

Bob The Drag Queen

Bob’s runway ensemble was inspired by Madonna wearing a boy scout outfit to the GLAAD awards in 2013. It was different, Bob looked great in it and it was definitely not what I would think of for a Madonna look, so well done on that Bobby!

Chi Chi Devayne

Chi Chi handmade her Madonna look the morning of the runway.  She went with the cone bra corset ensemble, which is definitely a well-known Madonna look and the only one that I would have expected to see.  It was cute but the cones were rather large.


The Elimination

This week’s bottom two were Naomi Smalls and *gasp* Acid Betty.  They both deserved it based on their performances on Snatch Game, but we’re getting to that point in the season where there aren’t really any people who I think “meh, she could go home” so that is always hard.  I thought overall the lip synch was okay but nowhere near as good as last week’s showdown between Chi Chi and Naysha.  Naomi definitely won that one fair and square.  I have to say though, I am super duper surprised that Acid Betty went home this early.  I thought for sure she’d last damn near till the end.  Oh well…

Okay so next week is the makeover challenge!  It appears to be Wizard of Oz themed with the cast of Little Ladies of LA coming in to be made over by the queens.  We will also see how the queen read when Rupaul says the magic words…”The library is open!”  Here’s a lil sneak peek:

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