Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Finale is on Tonight!

Hey kitty girls, long time no blog.   So tonight is the airing of the finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8!  Pow!  I can honestly say I would be fine with any of the girls winning, but y’all know deep down I stan for Bob the Drag Queen.  At the same time I would be just as cool with Kim Chi or Naomi Smalls.

This is in large contrast to last season when I didn’t want any of them to win!  I don’t have a problem with Ginger Minj, Pearl, or Violet Chachki but I don’t think they were as strong as the top three this season.  So here are some best of videos so you can get your life til that finale tonight!

Bob the Drag Queen

Bob has performed consistently over the season. The look hasn’t been perfect every time but who’s is??  Also Bob slayed all of the acting challenges, as she should because Bob is a performer above all else.  I met her at Drag Con and she was so nice!  Picture and blog to follow.

Naomi Smalls is the dark horse that I did not see coming at first. She performed well in the challenges and after being told to stop wearing lingerie every week, this girl murdered the design challenges and she just seems so nice and sweet!  How could you not root for that?

Kim Chi has been a fan favorite all along and bitch knows how to throw a look together.  Kim Chi’s looks were amazing every single week of the season so we’ll see how it goes.  She’s so different from other queens and so innovative and I really hope her mom is proud!


P.S.  Okay that was short, but I had to put something out for the finale!   I have so much to blog about, Rupaul BOTS, DRAG CON, and much more so stay tuned y’all!



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