Rupaul’s Battle of the Seasons 2016

A long time ago, on April 22nd, I had the good fortune to attend Rupaul’s Battle of the Seasons.  For those who may not know, it’s a tour featuring queens from most of the seasons of Rupaul’s Drag Race.  So they travel all over the world, performing and lip synching for their lives.  This is all hosted by the amazing Michelle Visage.   I live right down the street from the venue where they were performing that night, The Grove, in Anaheim.  The show started at 8:00pm. I got in an uber at 7:00pm and took the approximately three minute trip there thinking I was going to be early.  In my mind I was to be the first person there and I was to be dead wrong.  The line was already wrapped around the building.  Luckily I’d brought a book with me because I was on my own for this one which I don’t mind.  More on that in the Drag Con post.  As I waited in line the anticipation was immense.  I finally got in after a million people ahead of me and realized that most of them were in line for merch, so I got a pretty good vantage point.  Here are some of my observations from Rupaul’s BOTS:

Pearl is a DJ

I had no idea about this.  Pearl came out before the show time and played quite a few diverse tunes for us which she also lip synched.  It was pretty cool.  What surprised me most after the fact that she was onstage prior to showtime was that we never saw Pearl again that night.  So I guess she actually was DJ’ing for the show and not performing in it.  Either way, it was cool.

I found out I love Michelle Visage

Let me start by saying that, like Violet Chachki, I hated Michelle Visage.  She always seemed so mean and so hard on the queens.  I’ve come to realize over the seasons that she is the original drag fan girl.  I mean she was all up in it before it was cool to be a straight woman who likes drag.  Now it’s all the rage due mostly to Rupaul’s Drag Race and admittedly I am a part of that crowd.  When I say Michelle can host and perform, oh my blob.  She was so good.  She had some amazing costumes, although she did look extremely minuscule standing next to all of these extremely tall queens.  She stood her own though of course!

Live Singing

I did not expect so much live singing.  I mean it is a drag show so I was certainly prepared for the lip-synching, dancing, death drops and the like but boy did they do some pretty good singing.  Adore Delano did a tribute to Prince by singing Purple Rain, Michelle Visage sang Take a Bow by Madonna and there was lots in between.  Phi Phi O’Hara sang for us as well.

Violet Chachki and Miss Fame really commit to their talents.

We got to see a burlesque number from Violet Chachki which was really good.  Violet is so great at executing and I really didn’t like her during her season of Drag Race.  I’ll have to go back and re-evaluate because this girl slays.  Miss Fame drew/painted? the face of a woman in the span of one song for us which was quite cool.  Plus Miss Fame is gorge.

Courtney Act is really funny and gorgeous

During season six of RPDR, I didn’t really like Courtney Act, probably because she was brutally honest, which isn’t something to be frowned upon all the time.  After all, it isn’t Rupaul’s Best Friend Race.  Nonetheless, I felt that she wasn’t as creative as others and relied more on aesthetic than talent.  However, I was dead wrong and I can admit that.  I really enjoyed Courtney in the show.

Overall, a very good show, I would highly recommend it (for next year, obviously since I waited so freaking long to publish this).  The lineup of queens changes from time to time but I would go see any of them really.  Until next time, smooches!


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