Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars is BACK! Ahhhhh!


So, as you may know from the title of this post, Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars is back for its second season!  Ahhh!

I’m super excited.  I can’t wait to watch it and give my non-expert opinion on everything.  The contestants largely consist of former villains who probably want to make things right.  And I think they deserve the chance.  Some of them still get abuse on social media from people watching seasons of RPDR five and six years later who still have fresh anger.  I am ready to see what the queens have to offer.

Last time on All Stars, the queens were put in pairs and eliminated in pairs which was sort of terrible because the season was so short and many people went home too early.  This time, the queens will vote each other off so that is a super interesting twist.  That leads to the queens.  The contestants are mostly from season 5 which is weird.  Like, why didn’t they choose Tracy Martel?  Seriously, she deserved to be on there.  But I digress.  The contestants are:

Detox whom I love and who has had it officially.  I really like how she doesn’t have time for anyone’s crap!  I can’t say the same for those neon eyebrows she’s rocking on the promos, but I neon is her thing so it’s okay.

Alaska has seriously bloomed since her season and it will be fun to see what she has to offer this time.

Roxxxy Andrews is another really talented queen who still gets hate from her season.  She did one of my favorite lip synchs of all time when she pulled her wig off and had another underneath.  Hopefully people will give her a chance.

Alyssa Edwards has made name for herself for sure with her youtube show, Alyssa’s Secret.  I could just listen to Alyssa talk about random crap for hours because she is so hilarious and goes on such funny tangents

Coco Montrose was an amazing lip syncher.  I’m hoping she doesn’t have to do it as much this time but she’s looking real fine in the promos.  Plus I know she’ll be hilarious in the confessionals.

Tatianna is coming from way back in season 2.  I didn’t love Tatianna but she still deserves another chance because her season was like so six years ago.  Girly is looking real beat in the trailer too.

Ginger Minj the glamour toad!  Yas!  I liked Ginger.  I know people say she was dishonest about knowing how to sing and dance, but she’s so talented and big girls need good representation.

Katya is bae.  Period, she like Ben Delacreme was gone too soon on her season.  (Also, where is Dela???) I hope she goes far, if I had a dog in this fight it would be between her and Phi Phi.

Phi Phi O’Hara has become one of my absolute favorite queens.  She is so talented and another who will be trying to salvage that reputation.  I met her at Drag Con and she was so sweet.

Adore Delano is hilarious and I can’t wait to hear the random crap she spouts behind the scenes.


Anywho, I wonder if they’ll do untucked??  Also, because I like you, check out the first twelve minutes of episode one below:


Rupaul’s Season 5 All Stars Season 2 starts tonight on Logo TV!

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