Welp! Empire is back with a Bang!

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via fox.com

The first few minutes of the show, we just jump right into it and we find out who pushed who from the top of that hotel.  Was it Rhonda or Anika??  LISTEN, there are spoilers below so I urge you to get outta here if you don’t want to see them.

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Now we know that it was Rhonda who met her fate.  I wanted to be upset but Rhonda’s character kind of lost her bite over time.  She was more vicious and calculating during the first season and then we really just felt bad for her during the second.  That being said, it’s always a little weird when a main character is killed off which seems to be the norm for TV nowadays.  After Rhonda’s untimely death, Anika goes into labor and while pushing her actual baby out, is threatened by Lucious to go with his story that she Rhonda fell.  We also discovered that Anika was pregnant with a girl, and dun dun dun, that’s a problem for Lucious.  Obvs.  That’s a lot to unpack and it all went down before the first commercial break.  So far Empire is just as soapy as ever and I’m here for it.

And after the commercial break we see many celebrity cameos, French Montana, Birdman, etc. come over to Lucious’ house for a poker game and they obviously don’t like each other so it seems weird that they would have a poker night. I see Lucious’ hair is again fried, dyed, and laid to the side and not in a good way.  Also, this whole Lucoius married Anika and put his name on the birth certificate thing is so weird and kinda stanky. As Cookie put it, Jamal “was sick to his stomach watching you marry his brother’s babymama.”  Same Jamal. Same.

I like seeing Xzibit on the show; he brings a dangerous component that show has kind of been missing.  We had it a little bit with Frank Gathers but he was killed so quickly we didn’t see much of what he can do.  I would be interested to see what they do with Xzibit’s character Shine.  I’m kinda liking him as a mentor to Hakeem so we can see that he’s not just some brute but at the same time he can be crazy violent so it’s kind of up in the air at this point.

Anika is being forced to live with Lucious so they can try to keep up this sham marriage but since Lucious’ mother is still a little crazy, I’m a little scared for Boo Boo Kitty.  Seems like so much can go wrong with that situation.  Where is her family?  She’s a debutante from the south somewhere.  I mean she did ask for her mother but we haven’t heard a peep about her family since she had the baby.

The song Jamal sang was really good.  Usually his vibrato is too much for me, but this was one of his better songs.  And so timely. UNTIL it became about freeing Freda. Because, regardless of the reasons, Freda tried to kill Lucious on purpose and Jamal got hit on accident.  That’s still attempted murder!  So…uh…I guess.  I mean I understand the compassion for her; she didn’t have a great life or good role models and all.  It was like she never had a chance but still, attempted murder is still against the law and she did actually shoot somebody.  All that being said, I do still like the song.  Too bad he couldn’t perform at the event but  I guess season 3 is Jamal’s turn to have deep issues.  Nessa has a really nice voice though and “Need Freedom” was so much better in the end.

Question:  What was that whole kiss/hand grab thing between Anika and Lucious?  I didn’t understand that.

I do think Cookie is better off without Lucious though.  He hasn’t done anything but cause trouble for her during her entire life.  And he’s still messing up.  He definitely doesn’t deserve her.

I really do hope Andre is able to get on top this season.  He was so calculating and scheming during the first season.  He has had so much hardship and I’m hoping we see that side of him again now that he’s lost it all.

Overall, this was a really good episode, they came back hard and I will definitely keep watching.


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