A Seat at the Table is an Album After My Own Heart

via Fader.com
via Fader.com

As a Solange fan who’d been wondering what she’s been doing besides taking gorgeous photos in the countryside, I was not disappointed at all with the work she has thrust upon us.  It has been four weeks since she released her album and I am still enjoying it.  It’s just so groovy and her voice is so great on all the songs.

First, let me say that Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams was a great album!  I loved the retro feel of the music.  I loved the lyrics and I liked her voice there as well.  That album was one of the soundtracks to the two years I lived in Las Vegas.  It was a good album top to bottom.  Sometimes her voice was screeching but I LIKED that.

The two albums are like two different worlds and I love them both.  A Seat at the Table though…whew!  I could listen to it all day with no skips.  I cannot recall the last time I enjoyed an entire album with no skips.  I ride so hard for Janelle Monae and have listened to everything she’s every put out but even she gets some songs skipped.  The point is, I like all of the songs on this album.

Many have said that the album is woke, unapologetically black, etc.  I can see that too but for me, I just enjoy the music.  It doesn’t have to be a symbol for all black people because I feel that as a black woman I know this album was made for me, but I don’t begrudge anyone else enjoying it so long as they don’t try to make a tribute à la Amy Schumer.  Okay so now I want to talk about the things I LOVE about this album.

I am usually not here for interludes but the ones with Solange’s parents were eye opening, specifically her dad.  I know we aren’t supposed to be cool with him but it made me see him as a real person.  His story about desegregation was heart wrenching.  Master P’s interludes were good too.  I had no idea about his history, so good on Solange for including him!

I can’t even say that I have a favorite song. There are so many to choose from.  Of course Cranes in the Sky is a standout and one I listened to on repeat until I knew all of the words.  It’s so relatable.  We are so often expected to be perfect, strong, resilient and anything less is considered weak.  It’s good she decided to let us have it on that one and I believe most people like that song for that reason, not too mention the almost breathless vocals.  J’adore!

I also love Weary.  It’s just so soft and smooth.  Solange has always moved to the beat of her own drum and I admire her for that.  It’s definitely not easy to just be yourself when you are constantly being compared to someone else and when others aren’t really with what you are doing.

That said, many wanted to compare this album to Lemonade, her sister’s album.  (Shoutout to them for both having #1 albums in 2016).  I wanted to compare at first too, but these are too completely different projects.  This is why I hesitate to say it’s “woke” or what not.  Beyonce’s album, to me, speaks to all black women as a whole.  It seems to be personal but I don’t really believe it is, whereas Solange’s album seems like it all came from a deeply personal place.  I love them both.  I don’t think we need to compare them, they stand alone.

Anywho good people, I’m way late to the game with this post but if anyone has opinions, drop them in!  Whew!




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