American Horror Story Roanoke Was a Mess


Generally I stick with shows that I like even after they’ve gone downhill.  I’m not saying that AHS has gone downhill, but usually when people complain about shows like this one I get a little annoyed.  Every season there are comments about AHS.  People will say Murder House was the best or Asylum and that whatever the current season is sucks and they don’t know why they keep watching and blah blah blah.  I have liked all the seasons, some better than others but such is life.  Be Warned:  There are spoilers below so if you haven’t seen the season finale, then don’t read any further.  kthx.

Let me say first of all that AHS: Roanoke was super entertaining.  I loved the first premise, My Roanoke Nightmare.  I really liked the format of them being on a tv show with dramatizations.  It was a little confusing at first but still very entertaining and interesting.  So when that ended, I had no idea where it was going from there, but alas, we got the reality show saga which was also good and terrifying.  It was cool seeing the “actors” and the people they played on My Roanoke Nightmare all together.  The show was still really good at that point, I loved the found footage aspect and trying to guess who would be the sole survivor.  I had been thinking it would be Audrey because Sarah Paulson survives every season of AHS.

But then it kind of went off the rails once they introduced the Instagram peeps.  It just left me with a lot of questions.  Usually I have questions but like, why didn’t their cameras melt when they were burned?  Why were their cameras hooked to the other dead guys cloud?  Why don’t the cops believe ANYBODY?  I mean I understand they don’t bother the Polks, but they’ve witnessed some of the crazy stuff at that house and they still choose not to try to help (not that they could do much) but shit, they could give people a ride back to town since it’s damn near impossible to get out of those woods.

More questions come out after Lee gets possessed and kills the rest of the people.  Like, didn’t the Butcher become immortal or something after she ate the boar’s heart?  Why didn’t Lee become that way?  Where the hell was the Butcher when Lee was killing and talking all that crazy mess to the Instagrammers?

Then the ending bothered me.  Lee decides to die and stay there?  What?  And the Lana Winters thing was just okay.

I mean, I’m sure I could pick apart any AHS season like this but usually I don’t want to.  This time the season started out so good, which is why I kept watching.  I was so cool with the original Roanoke Nightmare show and with the idea of everyone coming back for the reality show but I feel after that the rest of the show was a mess.  It’s as if they gave it all away up front and had nowhere else to go so they just kept changing the premise.  I also feel that they shoe horned so many people in there just to get some familiar faces in.  But whatever I will for sure be watching the next season and hopefully that one is better (and longer).

Couple of good notes:  Kathy Baker was amazing as the Butcher and as crazy ass Agnes.  And although I said they were shoe horned, it was nice seeing Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga back.  Hopefully we’ll see some more of them next season.  Also, fresh off his amazing performance on American Crime Story, Cuba Gooding Jr. was really good too.  Overall the acting was great!

What say you?  Loved it or Hated it?


P.S. I didn’t hate it, I just love this GIF (via

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