Being Mary Jane Has Been Super Underwhelming This Season

So I watched Being Mary Jane’s finale (midseason finale?) that came on Tuesday night and I have some thoughts.  First, I was surprised it was time for a finale episode since the season hasn’t really been going anywhere.  Second, this season overall has been underwhelming, especially after the heavy lifting they pulled off last season with Mary Jane’s accident, the extortion with Loretta Devine, Lisa’s suicide, Patrick’s drug use and Niecey being choked out by a police officer.  I mean they really packed it in there and it made the show seem less superficial than before.

But for this season, they decided to have Mary Jane move to New York to be on a morning news show despite things going downhill at her previous job, essentially changing the whole tone of the show.  But, fine, I could get past that.  But, in moving Mary Jane, they kinda just threw her whole family to the wayside for the most part. We got a little bit from the Niecy storyline, but the little bits with “Jack and Jane” and stuff just seemed shoehorned in, as did PJ’s sudden come up.  They just won’t let Niecy be great but maybe that was the best lesson for her.

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Although it moved way too fast, I loved the relationship between Mary Jane and Lee.  He was good for her.  He was open and honest, funny, supportive and cute.  He met the fam, she met his fam. I mean it was all looking so good!  His whole not wanting a baby thing came straight out of nowhere especially when he’d been so into it the entire time.  I didn’t appreciate that.  The first real, normal relationship she has and then they just throw in a stupid curveball.  For why?

The whole Ronda situation was unfortunate.  I still can’t tell if Ronda was really happy she was there at first and then went after her because of the foundation thing, or if Ronda was just evil after all.  I really thought they were gonna have Ronda be a good character and I loved how she said she didn’t want to let them pit two black women against each other and then guess what?  They turned her into the villain, when they had all the right stuff to set up Justin as the true villain.

Speaking of Justin, another resounding why?  Why would they have her sleeping with this dude when she had a good thing going with Lee.  They won’t let Mary Jane be great either.  I have no idea where they can go from here but I feel like this show has completely jumped the shark.

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