I Just Finished Reading Bobby Brown’s Memoir and It Was So. Good.

I’m trying to read more y’all.  I used to be a huge bookworm.  I started reading at an early age and have always loved it.  In fact, for my 8th birthday, I asked only for books.  I wound up with a gorgeous bookshelf with my name carved in the sides and tons of books. It was amazing!  I wish I still had that bookshelf.  Anywho, I kinda fell out of reading.  Maybe it’s because I have to do tons of reading for school, or perhaps (most likely), I just spend far too much time reading on my phone.  And not books, it’s usually social media (I had to deactivate FB) or reading the news, blogs, celeb gossip, etc.  Again, no books.

So in January, my sis in law (y’all know Janae) said that she wanted to start reading one book per month this year and I thought that was an excellent plan.  So I started with a few Terry McMillan books since the African American author section at my local library is severely lacking, before moving on to Tony Braxton’s memoir and then a crazy good book given to me by my aunt.

But I digress, in this time that I have rekindled my love of reading, I bought a kindle and the first book I bought was Every Little Step by Bobby Brown.  This was based off the rave review it had received by the one and only Alex Hardy at VSB.

Bobby Brown is a super honest dude.  The book goes through all of his ups and downs, the good, bad and the ugly of his life.  He talks about the good times, all the money, the women (to include Madonna and Janet Jackson), the tours and all of that.  At the same time he talks about the bad times, the drugs, the partying, the fights with Whitney Houston, and later her family and his being broke.

Overall the book was a great read, it had me hooked from the beginning.  I had to take my time so that I didn’t read it too quickly.  Peppered throughout the book are words from family members, colleagues, new edition members, etc.  And while y’all know I LOVED the New Edition biopic that aired on BET, I think it would serve us well to have one dedicated to just Bobby.  He’s an interesting character to say the least.  He comes across as likable and a generous guy who was misunderstood and one who took a bad rap for many of the things, some of which he was guilty of.

Honestly the negative stuff about Whitney made me pause, but we could see Whitney wasn’t what she seemed from watching Being Bobby Brown.

So there, the book was good, and I recommend it to anyone looking for something good to read!


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