These crazy plot twists just aren’t even that cool anymore.  All I have is questions!  Ah!

Who’s hand did Quinn and Huck find in the woods if ole girl is still alive?

Who is that lady who is basically punking Eli?  Why/How can he be punked by her when he’s previously been invincible?

Why didn’t they show Cyrus at all?  Since Tom didn’t kill Frankie Vargas, shouldn’t he be on his way out of jail or something?

Who will be President now?  Mellie?

I cannot stand Jake’s wife?  She’s quintessential whiny white woman, woe is me, being rich and married to a man of status is SO HARD!  And it seemed like they knew enough about each other before (when this role was played by another woman) to get married, so all of a sudden she’s been feeling like she didn’t know him all along?  GTFOH!

I keep wanting to stop watching but I always go back because when it’s good, it’s really good and I don’t want to miss out.  #fomo

Side note: Yes everyone knew this season was delayed because of Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, but boy are they failing with hiding it.  I get it, they want to cover with clothes and not random objects like they used to do back in the day but man, give her a big purse or something.  A woman who isn’t pregnant would not wear so many big caftan-like coats.

Anywho, are y’all still watching?  What do think of the latest developments?


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