That This Is Us Finale Was So Anticlimactic

Attention: Spoilers Below.

I mean whet?  Let me say that I LOVE this show.  It just warms my cold little heart.  Nearly every episode has had me in tears, especially the episode when William and Randal went to Memphis, whew buddy that one was a doozy.  So when they hyped us up all week with teasers and cast members planning to be on Facebook live and yada yada yada, I was thinking we were gonna learn some things, especially after that bombshell that Kate dropped about her dad’s death being her fault.  I was more hype for this season finale than I was about Rachel Maddow and Trump’s taxes (she played us and herself on that one) and this episode just didn’t measure up.

I was planning on crying all over myself about the death of the Big Three’s dad.  We saw him drunk driving, getting into fights and breaking up (sorta) with their mother.  So…they just refuse to tell us how he died and what happened, etc. after what Kate said?  Like I don’t necessarily want to ugly cry every Tuesdee night but I was expecting to get more info and what we got was more about how shitty Jack’s life was and the love story between him and Rebecca.  I mean it was okay; other episodes have been much better if I’m honest.  So I has questions:

Did Jack fake his death and is still alive?

How did he die?

Does he get back together with Rebecca?

Do the kids find out about the breakup or does he die before they can find out?


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