Things I’m Obsessed with This Month

New Edition/Bobby Brown

Ever since I watched the mini-series on BET last week (and yes I know I’m so late), I have been hooked on anything to do with New Edition.  Like, I knew some of their songs before, the big ones like Candy Girl, If it Isn’t Love, Can You Stand The Rain, you know the ones that everyone knows but man, seeing their struggles and how hard they worked from such young ages was sobering.  They toured without pay.  For years.  Gosh!  I feel like I heard about that before on like a True Hollywood Story or something.  But I digress.  This miniseries was so well done, especially for BET.  They put so much effort into the accuracy of the choreography and the music videos.  Overall, it was amazing and I loved it and I’ve been listening to all the NE and Bobby Brown playlists on Apple Music. I’ve also been reading Bobby Brown’s book, which incidentally I already had in my kindle based on the glowing review it received from Alex Hardy over at VSB.  The book is so good, and Mr. Brown comes across as extremely self-aware and upfront about himself, his problems and things he got right and wrong which is great but he also comes across sympathetic and I kinda like it.  There is some blame on others for some things, especially when it comes to his marriage to Whitney Houston, but I’m not really sure how I stand on those.  Either way, it’s a great read!


Y’all know I study French.  C/O ’17 Whoop! Whoop!  But awhile back I decided to try and listen to more French music and try to immerse myself a little bit.  This was during winter break.  I had just come off of full-time 12 credit semester of French classes only.  So I wanted to stay with it over break.  I’d heard of Stromae before, but. like. over this time I started listening to him more, and actually understanding his music and I. love. it. Gah!  It’s so good, most of the songs on his album Racine Carré (my fave) are upbeat party songs with serious/somber lyrics.  The topics include absent fathers, bad breakups, cancer, people dying of STDs, but I still love it.  Check out his concert below. There are English subtitles if you into that kinda thing.  I love him!


Watching the Golden Girls on Hulu

When they announced that every single episode of the Golden Girls was gonna be on Hulu, I was too happy.  You see, I love the Golden Girls.  My love of the Golden Girls has been documented on this here blog.  But I only have the first four seasons on DVD and I have watched those to death.  Maybe this will push me to buy the other three seasons.  Anywho, I jumped right into Season 5 with gusto and I have enjoyed every minute of it.


My aunt introduced me to Shameless.  She told me about it back in October and I started watching it in like February?  Boy oh boy did I fly through all seven seasons.  That show had me hooked!  I love the characters, the archs, the storylines, the ridiculousness and I hope things go well for many of the characters next season.  I’m so glad Fiona is coming into her own, sad for Lip because he really has potential and I am not happy that they completely trashed Debbie’s character.  She and Lip seemed to be the ones that would really do big things.  But, you never know, things could turn great or to shit for any of the characters, because that’s the way it goes.  I’m so sad there are no more episodes left.

Shopping at the Dollar Store

This is probably every single month.  We fell on some hard times last year so I started leaning extra hard on the 99 Cents Store, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much good stuff they have there.  Check out my Dollar Store blog, it’s definitely worth it if you are thinking of putting yourself on a budget!  I post recipes, product reviews, tips, etc.  Go check it out!


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