5 Reasons Why Music Videos Were The Ish in the Early 2000’s

Picture it…Long Beach, CA…2001.  I was 16 and like everyone else my age, all I wanted to do was watch music videos.  Why?  I’m gonna tell you…   Choreography This was one of my favorite things about music videos.  I would try to learn the choreo for many a video.  In the late 90’s and […]

Empire is Just as Soapalicious and Dramatic as EVAR

Wednesday night, the spring premiere of Empire was on.  We finally got to see the fates of the Lyons since we last saw them a few months ago.  As usual, they packed a lot into this episode.  Let’s go character by character since I will be here all night writing an opus if I have to […]

Dancing with the Stars Season 22 So Far

We have had two weeks worth of Dancing with the Stars season 22 and it has been pretty good actually.  I haven’t been writing recaps although maybe I should start.  Now’s as good a time as any I suppose.  DISCLAIMER:  I am an armchair dance expert which means I don’t know nothing besides what I […]

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Epi 4: New Wave Queens

Okay my peoples.  Earlier and earlier still with the reviews.  By the end of the season I should be finishing them on time!  Pow!  This week’s episode was New Wave Queens, an extravaganza where the queens had to write and perform their own new wave songs.  This was another fun one.  You know what?  This […]

RuCo’s Empire: Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8, Epi 3

Okay my peoples.  This review is still hella late, but it is earlier than last weeks, so I guess I have that to work with.  This week’s episode was RuCo’s Empire, an all drag spoof of Fox’s Empire.  Such a fun challenge to watch.  This week’s guest judges were Tasha Smith (who is hilarious) and […]

My Super Duper Late Review of RPDR Season 8 Episode 2

Hey y’all this review is sooooo late!  I realize that the next episode will be on tonight.  I actually started writing this three days ago!   Midterms were kicking my butt but whatever, I still want to review this episode!  I’ll get my shit together someday. I love this season so far, even though it […]

I Had to Stop Using Asthma as a Crutch

Since 2007, I have always had an excuse for not running, jogging, exercising, etc.  I have asthma.  “Hey guys, I can’t run, I have asthma.”  So I haven’t really done much running in the years since.  Asthma was always my safe spot; a place I could go to let myself off the hook for not […]

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Premiere!

It was the day we had been waiting for since forever ago!  The premiere of Rupaul’s Drag Race (RPDR) season 8 was last night and how!  I really liked it.  Many thought season 7 was a bore and lots didn’t like the contestants from that season either.  I’m with them when it comes to the […]

A Few of My Favorite Quotes from Rupaul’s Drag Race

I’m a STAN for Rupaul’s Drag Race.  I admit it okay?  So in honor of tonight’s Season 8 premiere, I present some of my favorite sayings that were ever uttered on the show.  Enjoy!   “Jesus is a biscuit” is just one of those Latrice Royale-isms that always made me so happy.  Especially when everyone […]

Nina Looks Even Worse After Viewing the Trailer

I mean, when they first decided to put Zoe Saldana in the dark make-up, did no one think “Gee, this looks pretty horrible”?  This make-up and prosthetic nose business is crazy.  I think Zoe has had a few moments in film that were good, but she’s never really been on my radar as an amazing actress, […]