My Reactions to Scandal Season 5 Episode 12 “Wild Card”

I don’t really feel like doing a real recap and analyzing Scandal. It’s gotten too ridiculous for that so I shall just write down my reactions to the episodes as I’m watching. It’s much more fun that way.  Also, if you don’t watch Scandal or haven’t seen the episode, none of this will make sense […]

Phi Phi O’ Hara is Killing With Her 365 Days of Drag

Phi Phi O’Hara is definitely slaying my entire life with her 365 days of drag on Instragram.  Yes, I am aware, as is Phi Phi, that there are 366 days in the year in 2016.  Phi Phi has been known as the villain of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4, once telling winner Sharon Needles to […]

Bob The Drag Queen is Now My Favorite Person

Instead of studying like I’m supposed to be doing, I got caught in a youtube trap of drag queen videos, namely those of Bob The Drag Queen, who will be on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8!  I know who I’m rooting for now.This queen is spectacular, funny, super talented, hilarious, tall and funny!  I can’t […]

HTGAWM is Back and as Bananas as Ever!

They sure know how to keep you hooked with this show.  Sheesh!  This first episode back after winter hiatus was so crazy and more so than usual. First Laurel takes the blame for shooting Annalise in order to protect Wes, who seemed like he really wanted Annalise dead after she told him Rebecca was dead. […]

Scandal is Back and What the What?!?!???

So upon watching this episode, I realized after it was over I mostly had questions. So there will be question marks galore in this post.  I have sprinkled them EVERYWHERE!  Disclaimer: This will likely make no sense to you if you have not seen the most recent episode of Scandal. Uhm, why are Olivia and […]

I loved Grease Live

As a big fan of the movie, I really wanted to see this.  I’d never seen it on the stage (would love to) and I thought this would be good.  Although no one else in the entire world liked Rock of Ages the movie ( I want to see this on stage as well) I […]

Rupaul is THE Artist to Listen to While Running

When you’re out clocking those miles, you need some music that is upbeat, will keep you going when you feel like your legs are gonna fall clean off henny.  My music of choice comes from these three Rupaul albums: Champion, Glamazon, and Born Naked.  Basically I just put those three albums on shuffle and get […]

Freddie, Whitley, and Jaleesa: Naturalista GIF Party!

Just because.  Pow! Before I went natural, I always assumed anyone with curly hair had “good hair” or were bi- or multiracial because duh, black women don’t just have curly hair.  How wrong was that?  These last three years or so I’ve started to recognize naturalistas in places that I wouldn’t have otherwise placed them. […]

The Golden Girls Turns 31 this Year!

I know, I know, everyone in the world did their Golden Girls pieces last year for the 30th anniversary of the show that had it’s first episode on September 14th, 1985.  But I was not really paying that much attention and just blogging whatever boring stuff was going on in my life off and on at […]

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